Bully For Me

I got a comment from an earlier post about Trump being a bully and asking if I was ever bullied. My first grade teacher was a bully. She would stick her well manicured fingernails into the back of my head. In second grade my best friend and I were bullied by five other kids, the bus ride home was a random draw of which bully (held back 6th grader) would punch my friend in the leg until he cried. And there was that 5th grader who would try to rip my cloths off sometimes. I think I have some experience in identifying one.

I ran across this post and it is all that I couldn’t put into words about Mr. Trumps “bulling” nature. Sure he is abrasive and might take things a bit farther than I would, but he is not directing his assault on me. The woman (yes, a female supporter) who wrote this did a fantastic job, and you should really read it to understand the appeal for Donald Trump.

Donald Trump, the Anti-Bully


A Letter To Disgruntled Cruz Supporters

It seems like none of the die hard Ted Cruz fans are able to move on from his inability to get nominated. I can hear you now, “Trump used his liberal friends to cheat and Kasich is that little rat-bastard who wouldn’t cooperate to defeat The Donald!” Well, unless your like Glenn Beck, who thinks that America is going to become a place of sin and wretched abominations where we only to send our children to hell and see God punish us for our disobedience; I have news for you about why he didn’t win, and you will not believe me.

He was not supposed to win. No, stop cussing at me. I know you are filled with the “righteous” anger of God and all, but simmer down. (No, I’m not a liberal, just listen without trying to invent some weird conspiracy about me.) In the Bible, when Joseph was sold to the slave traders, did anyone expect him to become the most powerful man in Egypt? No! They counted him dead!

I believe that Ted Cruz would make a terrible president, but as a senator, I believe that he can do great things. He can be the compass that keeps Trump on the right path. I know that is not a memorable achievement in life for some, but it can be the most important thing. All of the people that Trump overwhelmed have a talent that can be used to strengthen our country, and they can still use it!

Trump is not an idiot or a jerk, he is just not Politically Correct. Do not believe what the media wants you to believe. I have heard my Dad repeat liberal catchphrases without knowing where they came from. It seems like most people forgot how “liberal” the media was now that Trump is the target. MSNBC hates Trump, The Huffington Post, CBS, CNN, NYT; all of these outlets do not like Donald Trump. These are the same sources that you criticized for misrepresenting G.W. Bush. Now, for some reason, you are listening to them, and I bet it is because FOX News threw their hat in with Ted Cruz, and because that whole Megan Kelly thing ruffled a few feathers.

You are left with only one choice. You can vote for Hillary just to prove a point, but shooting yourself in the foot to show that it hurts is very foolish, but she will probably confiscate your guns before you can do that. Sanders is another option, but he is like Yoda: old and full of neat ideas that only work in a fictional world. There is no other candidate. Paul Ryan already said no several times, and the RNC also stated that trying to suddenly conjure an alternate at the last minute is a bad idea.

I suggest looking at what his supporters like about him. I did not like him at first. I was for Ben Carson, a man of peace and introspective wisdom. I watched a video of each of the remaining candidates (Jeb, Cruz, Kasich, Carson) to see how they handled themselves in a speech or an interview. I watched this video and slowly began to re-evaluate my opinion of the man. I saw a man and his wife that cared very much for their family. I liked the way he encouraged his wife to speak her mind even though she was timid to do so. I judge a man by the way he treats his family, and I was surprised with what I saw.

Don’t stay angry, Cruz is not God nor was he the savior of the U.S.A. Placing a man above God is not right. Look at who is left and try to see the plan. The world is all about negotiation now. Of all that ran, who is the best negotiator?

The 2016 Olympics

The next summer Olympic games will be held in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil, the same country as the 2014 World Cup. There are some things that that we now know about Brazil which may surface in 2016 and these are not exactly positive, but goal to overcome.

Prostitution is legal if you are over 18. There was a crackdown on child prostitution right before the World Cup, but this seems like it it should have constant pressure anyway. I don’t know how many athletes will try this out because there is a rumor that the AIDS rate is pretty high.

Many people are poor in brazil. At the world cup, some people were forced from their homes to make room for the event. Working conditions are not what they are in 1st world countries, and they get paid poorly despite the revenue coming into the country.

There was also a ticket scandal, where a member of FIFA was scalping tickets. There are so many different things going on simultaneously at the Olympics, and his might be something to look out for.

Going forward, all of these issues should be fixed, and the Olympics would be just about the games! There are problems in the past that Rio can learn from, and I think they will. It will give us time to focus on what we enjoy about competition and sport.

There are 3 “new” sports for 2016: golf, rugby, and kitesurfing. Golf and rugby were once Olympic sports and kitesurfing is supposed to replace wind surfing and be included in the sailing division.

This will be an exciting time for the world to see the best that it has to offer. The sheer endurance, strength, concentration, determination, and patriotism will be fascinating. Hopefully, the scandals will not eclipse all of this.

Racism and lesbians

A white lesbian couple is suing a sperm bank for giving them the wrong sperm. According to multiple sources, which stem from court documents, they live in a racist city and have a racist family, and having a black baby is a big hassle! Apparently black people don’t like the baby either, because when they go to the black neighborhoods to get a haircut, they get started at. I guess cutting black people hair is not taught in barber school.
I am getting ahead of my self. Let’s examine the intolerant bigot of a family they have. These are the people who taught her everything about life. She doesn’t want to leave these people and she is very close to them. I can’t help but wonder how much influence they had on her.
Next, I want to think about the place of residence. Her city is racist and only likes white people. How does she come to this conclusion? By the barber shop? Either way, she claims that she needs to move because of all the racists. It seems that the only non racist place in the whole town, was the sperm bank.
To me, the whole thing is about racist lesbians who wanted a white baby, but got a black baby that they can’t give back to the sperm bank. I can believe that the family could be racist, but the whole city I don’t believe. No one has burned a cross in their front yard and they seem to be the only ones complaining. I can understand some frustration with the accuracy of the spam bank, but it makes it sound like the child is unwanted. Imaging growing up and learning that your gay moms wanted a white baby instead. That makes me more than angry. The child is healthy and happy, so don’t ruin that smile by saying that this baby is a problem because it is biracial.

Obama and Putin to speak for the first time, again.

from G2 Bulletin
Obama and Putin talk about girls.

The two presidents of the two nosiest countries have decided that the sanction fight over the beloved country of Ukraine, is best done in person. The talks are probably the last chance to avoid another cold war. This could risk an import of snow and tundra.

Former presidential candidate and current foreign affairs expert, John Kerry is optimistic about the meeting he claims to have arranged. “They have a very diverse itinerary to help break the ice around the cold Russian heart of Prime Minister Putin.” said Kerry “First they will discuss how they both lost the World Cup, then there is some shirtless horseback riding, maybe if there is some time, they could kill some polar bears. President Obama will bring some hand sanitizer, so he will be prepared for anything!”

“Negotiating a plan for peace will be difficult because the two men are notorious busy-bodies,” said a random stranger that no one was really talking to. While Putin has agreed to not bring up Benghazi, Obama has vowed to forget Georgia, and fund raise elsewhere.