Bully For Me

I got a comment from an earlier post about Trump being a bully and asking if I was ever bullied. My first grade teacher was a bully. She would stick her well manicured fingernails into the back of my head. In second grade my best friend and I were bullied by five other kids, the bus ride home was a random draw of which bully (held back 6th grader) would punch my friend in the leg until he cried. And there was that 5th grader who would try to rip my cloths off sometimes. I think I have some experience in identifying one.

I ran across this post and it is all that I couldn’t put into words about Mr. Trumps “bulling” nature. Sure he is abrasive and might take things a bit farther than I would, but he is not directing his assault on me. The woman (yes, a female supporter) who wrote this did a fantastic job, and you should really read it to understand the appeal for Donald Trump.

Donald Trump, the Anti-Bully


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