Jottacloud looks worth it


Data storage is something that everyone seems to need now, whether they know it or not. I looked at countless sites and noted something they all share in common: they generally just mirror your current hard drive.  I needed storage for archival purposes, and it seems like Jottacloud is the winner with their “deep archive” feature for files you do not need access to on a frequent basis, and they offer a regular mirrored backup as well. Opendrive, Altdrive, and other backup systems all require you to attach your external hard disk drive (HDD) at least once a month to avoid data loss, doesn’t help much if the drive gets destroyed between then and there. I do understand that it is for the purpose of preventing abuse of inexpensive data storage, which is why most don’t allow NAS (network attached storage), for fear that you would rout up a server to their website.

Drop Box, Google Drive, and other cloud based storage, start to get pricey pretty quickly, although google is one of the cheapest. They are intended to be your NAS and it does not come free, but it does have the flexibility to share folders/ files, and have unlimited access from any networked device. I was looking for something like this, but I wasn’t willing to pay a crazy amount to store my stuff that I wanted archived. I have over 700Gigs of photos and video so far, and that is only family stuff; what am I going to have in 10 years?!?!

I found Jottacloud, a Norwegian data company. I haven’t signed up yet. I still have 500gigs of photo and video I need to transfer from a XFS file system to a Mac, but when I can get it off of the drive, it looks like my photos will be in Norway. I am not sure how I feel about that, but it is the only one with an archive option that integrates with the Finder, that I have found. They also don’t require the HDD to be connected if the files are in an archived state. When I finally commit to this, I will share my  opinions.


Writers block

In general, I like stories. The lines of continuity that slowly evolve from the primordial subconscious never cease to amaze me. I can at once begin writing about toys that catch fire and in the next paragraph, have it devolve into a bizarre tale of peculiar proportions. I always have thought that I would never succumb to writers block. It was not possible. There is always something to write about, or a story that needs to be told. I make up bedtime stories based on ridiculous suggestions without any sort of preparation, so I decided to start a blog.

Lately I have had difficulty playing guitar. It seems like I have nothing to say musically. This new predicament is incredibly frustrating. I sit to write lyrics or poetry, and what I get is a list of things that rhyme with ‘mistake.’ Once it is done, I have written my self into a corner and need to rewrite the entire thing so that it understandable. This is a great time to start writing a blog. The words that used to flow so freely are now a stifled and septic mass of vocabulary.

Inspiration is something that I have always needed, or a person with unrealistic perspectives. I have neither. Both of those things are incredible for my cerebral exercise. The last thing I wrote in my notebook was a few sentences on an angry cow who really wanted to eat hamburgers. I know there is a “Far Side” comic about it, so is that inspiration or the second cousin to plagiarism?  This whole post is about not having anything to write, but I guess that is fine since I didn’t really have anything to say.

Babies make men wonder what they are missing…

My wife’s sister in-law just had a baby boy a few weeks ago. My reaction to this news was that it was great and a happy moment. We never got to see him until today, and my reaction was the same as when I first heard the news. However, my wife started to “awww” and “ohh” and get all gushy. I felt left out. Was I supposed to feel this immense and overwhelming response to this new life? I casually looked at the other people to gauge my status in this slightly confusing moment, only to notice two things: 1) Males look happy and that is about it, 2) Females look as if they are struggling to repress an uncontrollable joy, and the intensity of that joy is proportional to the amount of children they have. Women seem to go rabid for babies and I don’t get it, even after the two kids I have.

There must be some primal trigger that men just don’t have. When I see people compete, I want to know who is better, that gives me excitement and pride when one team, one fighter, or one racer, pushes the limits to achieve and conquer the opponent. That vicarious satisfaction is the reason for finding such activity entertaining. What did this baby do? It lived in a uterus, and when it popped out and started pooping on everything, the women went wild! I wish I could do that.