Unsafe Cola in Nigeria

In Nigeria, two half-full cans of Sprite have heated a lawsuit. The cans were discovered amid tension from the Nigerian people, who have claimed that Coca-Cola (the owners of Sprite) is putting their health at risk. Coca-Cola and the Nigerian Bottling Company (NBC) have been scrutinized for unsafe and unhealthy bottling practices. The issue was filed with the Consumer Protection Council (CPC), and neither Coca-Cola, nor NBC appeared when requested. This failure to appear is punishable by jail time, but it is unknown who would go to prison.

The half-full cans may sound petty, but the contents had evaporated. This means the product is not safely sealed and may grow mold or bacteria. Other complaints include rusty bottle tops, rusted interior linings, and foreign materials in the soda. The issue is one of health and a sanitary bottling process, which was why it was reported to the CPC.

However, Coke refused to even allow officials to inspect their bottling practices. The people of Nigeria have received this news and latest turn of events with outrage. They believe that Coke sees them as an inferior country, and bears no responsibility for their safety in consuming their products.

In Nigeria, Coca-Cola owns over 8 different brands, not including all of the diet varieties and optional flavors. Coke has a huge interest in Africa and has ongoing clean water campaigns for different regions. They produce an annual sustainability report, to try and implement a new awareness each year for environmental actions and workplace rights.

They do have a history of actions contrary to this. They have been taken to court for unsafe working conditions, alleged use of hit-men, bribery, and other strange things. Many suits have been settled out of court or been thrown out due to lack of evidence.