Good Tea is Hard to Find

I was an avid coffee drinker, but after puking my guts out from a caffeine overdose, I quit pretty quickly. I came across tea and its multiple types completely by accident. I discovered teas for indigestion, relaxation, mental acuity, and unique flavor. I needed to find the best, and I sampled most of everything I came across. Here is my experience that may just help you with your well being, and that is not just a line of stupid hippie voodoo.

The Tea Container

Tea bags come in types of fabric, blends of paper, and even plastic. Stay away from the plastic. Some people claim that there is no harm because the FDA said so. That would be the same FDA that approved all those medications that have been recalled for their dangerous side effects, you know what I am talking about, just watch TV. Plastic will leach chemicals like BPA into your tea. As for the other two, the package will not usually list what it is, but you can taste it. The NOW Foods tea left a dusty taste because of their choice of tea bag. Loose leaf (no tea bag) needs a stainless steel or copper tea ball to steep. Aluminum leaves a strange taste and it has been proven that too much is bad for your nervous system


This might seem like an obvious thing from the label on the package, but turn the box over and look and the ingredients. If you see “natural and artificial flavors,” put the box back. Natural cherry flavor and cherries are entirely different things.

There are real ingredients that can help you. Ginger, peppermint, and licorice have been proven to help an upset stomach or indigestion; green, black, and white tea have caffeine. Most companies have some info on the box.

What is the Best?

I like Numi Tea the most! They have some rather unique flavors, the freshest taste, and even a blooming tea that I am dying to try. For herbal teas, Numi still has some good choices, but Alvita has an incredible variety of teas that I never knew were teas.

You won’t find your average Earl Grey or Oolong with these two companies, but you will find something exquisite (maybe a chocolate Earl Grey from Numi?) that you will come back for. I like them both, but Numi I like a bit more. Try them both and see which one is your cup of tea.


Change Your Clock to Save Energy?

Daylight savings time has been with us through most of our history. The familiar reason is that we do this because it helps us save energy and farmers like losing an hour of sleep when they get up to milk the cows. Most countries participate in a time change based on the premise of energy reduction, but there are a few rebels who get along just fine without twisting their clocks into knots. If you have noticed that this is a global bi-annual pastime, you may think that there is some real evidence and study to prove that this whole time change thing is really worth all the wacky trouble.

In the U.S.A., the law is part of the Energy Policy Act┬áthat even has some allowance of penalty for not jumping off the bridge like everyone else, except for Arizona and a handful of others. This whole idea of daylight savings was made law back in the early 1900’s, and the days for springing forward and falling back were shuffled around and toyed with until the late 70’s and again in 2005. Each time the government changes the date for a time change, they have to produce a report that qualifies their decision.

I could not find those reports but I did find other studies, like this one here, that show how ineffective the whole DLS theory really is. The most interesting one I came across was from here, where the daylight savings mess is really about making money off of you. There is more evidence that dumblight savings actually increases your carbon emissions and causes more pollution than having one unadulterated time.

I guess the environment doesn’t really lobby for itself very well. People tried to tell the sun when to rise and when the morning should come, but it didn’t listen. I think we should follow the sun on this one and look for a brighter day without the clock mangling.