An Easter Egg in the Toilet

Today was a pretty good day. My wife woke me early in the morning to tell me I could sleep in. About 30 minutes later she got back from dropping the kids off at school and asked if I could go grocery shopping with her. I told her I wanted to sleep in, so she asked me again.

I really did need to get up and unclog the toilet. The day before, my little 14 month old found half of a plastic Easter Egg–we have no idea where she found it. But she did manage to throw it into the toilet as it was flushing. She was a good little girl and waved by-by at least.

I have never run into a problem like this before, and I think that having kids and a family is the perfect training-ground for dealing with unexpected events. My single friends get flustered when things start going unexpectedly, but when you get home after a 14 hour shift and walk into your bathroom and there is a pumpkin in the bathtub and a sink full paint stains, you just roll with the punches.

Today I bought a drain auger and didn’t even google what I was about to do. This wasn’t my first rodeo, and I’m sure that I will be the clown and the bull rider some day, then at the end I will be the announcer, but today I am the plumber! I can’t imagine life without all these interruptions, I do try, but I am always interrupted by life.

Life is what I am living, and if you see all this as a burden then I know you are missing the greatest adventure. I used to think that kids hampered my freedom, but they really only keep me out of trouble. I like my life. It is hard work sometimes, but it’s worth it. I mean, how else am I going to find a baby to clog a toilet with an Easter Egg in the middle of December?


Evolution: a victim of its own theory

Evolution is the prevailing belief of most scientists and biologists world-wide. The concept that life came from some single cell critters and slowly, over millions of years, they evolved into some sort of fragile life form is attributed to Charles Darwin. His book, The Origin of The Species, goes over much of this in a more biological approach.
In relation to his studies of the Galapagos Islands, he lays the foundation for his theory for the “survival of the fittest.” This is important to understand. When one species is inferior, it becomes extinct or evolves to adapt to the environment. This adaptation is how the dinosaurs turned into birds and how the mammals came to be so prominent during the ice age.
What is so impressive about this is that we now have our environment being ruined by pollution and forests being destroyed by greedy and desperate people. For some reason, ecologists and other people who ascribe to evolution, are very vexed by this. It would follow that the changing environment would trigger some progress in the flora and fauna. However, they want to preserve the forests and save the endangered animals. Don’t they understand that they need to evolve? All of this time and they have not evolved to be more adaptable?
This could only mean that evolution is not relevant. It seems that they doubt their own science. They should be happy that things are changing, but they fear it. What is really happening is that the long held theory is looking as bleak as our environment, and soon it will change to be more religious in nature, or become extinct.