Deport Racism by spreading hate

When someone yells at me and uses profanity, I get the idea that they don’t like me very much. If I lose my cool and start telling someone what I think of them, and if most of the words I use would get bleeped out on daytime television, it would be safe to assume that I really hate that person. The Deport Hate viral-video is a very hateful video.

I didn’t watch it, I already watched the other video that they created: “F-Bombs for Feminism.” I thought it was outraguous and counterproductive, and I can imagine that this new one is as equally absurd.

The whole thing reminds me of when some kid gets publicly beat up really bad by a bully. The kid is humiliated and angry, but lacks an appropriate outlet to deal with the rage. The next step is to jab at the bully from a distance (verbally or psychologically) and accumulate a group of similarly embittered people.

This is what Luke Montgomery has done. He was that beaten kid, and now he is an angry man who coerces children and families to publicly verbally assault what he chooses to be oppressive. I have written on racism before, and this is not the way to go about it. I guess he hopes the ends justify the means, but you can’t get rid of hate with more hate.


The fraud of racial divercity

I am the product of a bi-racial marriage. My mom is white and my dad is basically Hispanic. My parents were almost not married because the priest said that he “normally does not condone this type of union,” so my dad bribed him with what he had on him. I grew up not really seeing much of a difference in other races, they were all just kids like me.

When I was about 13 I heard these two guys, whom were about 16, arguing about why one of them couldn’t come over and hang out at the other guys house. It ended when the guy refusing was almost in tears, confessing that his dad hated Mexicans and that they would both have “their asses kicked” if he came over. That was the first time I knew racism was not just on TV or in the news.

Now we have all of this “diversity” stuff being shoved in our faces. This is a kind of “inverted-racism,” where we are shamed for something we didn’t do, and most of us are not even sure that our ancestors participated in any racist activities. I was under the impression that celebrating diversity meant accepting all races equally, not placing one above another to over-compensate for a supposed racial deficit. Highlighting one race over another is racism.

Sometime this past year I was sitting with a friend of mine at lunch. We were watching videos on his phone of comedians saying racist jokes and stories about black people. He would look over his shoulder and say, “I don’t want people to hear this, they might get offended,” but he is black. How bad have we gotten as a society that a black man can’t even laugh at a racist joke about his own skin color?

I have an idea, lets just stop drawing attention to the obvious fact that my skin color will never be the same as yours, and who cares? The more we try to distinguish one over the other, the further we get from our goal of equality. You can’t get rid of racism by shoving it in the face of everyone, just let it die out.