Obama and Putin to speak for the first time, again.

from G2 Bulletin
Obama and Putin talk about girls.

The two presidents of the two nosiest countries have decided that the sanction fight over the beloved country of Ukraine, is best done in person. The talks are probably the last chance to avoid another cold war. This could risk an import of snow and tundra.

Former presidential candidate and current foreign affairs expert, John Kerry is optimistic about the meeting he claims to have arranged. “They have a very diverse itinerary to help break the ice around the cold Russian heart of Prime Minister Putin.” said Kerry “First they will discuss how they both lost the World Cup, then there is some shirtless horseback riding, maybe if there is some time, they could kill some polar bears. President Obama will bring some hand sanitizer, so he will be prepared for anything!”

“Negotiating a plan for peace will be difficult because the two men are notorious busy-bodies,” said a random stranger that no one was really talking to. While Putin has agreed to not bring up Benghazi, Obama has vowed to forget Georgia, and fund raise elsewhere.