A Letter To Disgruntled Cruz Supporters

It seems like none of the die hard Ted Cruz fans are able to move on from his inability to get nominated. I can hear you now, “Trump used his liberal friends to cheat and Kasich is that little rat-bastard who wouldn’t cooperate to defeat The Donald!” Well, unless your like Glenn Beck, who thinks that America is going to become a place of sin and wretched abominations where we only to send our children to hell and see God punish us for our disobedience; I have news for you about why he didn’t win, and you will not believe me.

He was not supposed to win. No, stop cussing at me. I know you are filled with the “righteous” anger of God and all, but simmer down. (No, I’m not a liberal, just listen without trying to invent some weird conspiracy about me.) In the Bible, when Joseph was sold to the slave traders, did anyone expect him to become the most powerful man in Egypt? No! They counted him dead!

I believe that Ted Cruz would make a terrible president, but as a senator, I believe that he can do great things. He can be the compass that keeps Trump on the right path. I know that is not a memorable achievement in life for some, but it can be the most important thing. All of the people that Trump overwhelmed have a talent that can be used to strengthen our country, and they can still use it!

Trump is not an idiot or a jerk, he is just not Politically Correct. Do not believe what the media wants you to believe. I have heard my Dad repeat liberal catchphrases without knowing where they came from. It seems like most people forgot how “liberal” the media was now that Trump is the target. MSNBC hates Trump, The Huffington Post, CBS, CNN, NYT; all of these outlets do not like Donald Trump. These are the same sources that you criticized for misrepresenting G.W. Bush. Now, for some reason, you are listening to them, and I bet it is because FOX News threw their hat in with Ted Cruz, and because that whole Megan Kelly thing ruffled a few feathers.

You are left with only one choice. You can vote for Hillary just to prove a point, but shooting yourself in the foot to show that it hurts is very foolish, but she will probably confiscate your guns before you can do that. Sanders is another option, but he is like Yoda: old and full of neat ideas that only work in a fictional world. There is no other candidate. Paul Ryan already said no several times, and the RNC also stated that trying to suddenly conjure an alternate at the last minute is a bad idea.

I suggest looking at what his supporters like about him. I did not like him at first. I was for Ben Carson, a man of peace and introspective wisdom. I watched a video of each of the remaining candidates (Jeb, Cruz, Kasich, Carson) to see how they handled themselves in a speech or an interview. I watched this video and slowly began to re-evaluate my opinion of the man. I saw a man and his wife that cared very much for their family. I liked the way he encouraged his wife to speak her mind even though she was timid to do so. I judge a man by the way he treats his family, and I was surprised with what I saw.

Don’t stay angry, Cruz is not God nor was he the savior of the U.S.A. Placing a man above God is not right. Look at who is left and try to see the plan. The world is all about negotiation now. Of all that ran, who is the best negotiator?


3 thoughts on “A Letter To Disgruntled Cruz Supporters

  1. Well sure, if the negotiation was about real estate, Trump would be my guy. But you lost me at “not an idiot or a jerk”. He’s a BULLY! Have you never had a boss or a teacher who was one, or been bullied yourself? He doesn’t understand the separation of powers in the Constitution, doesn’t know what limits to power Presidents have to work within, doesn’t realize you can’t negotiate a “haircut” on national debt, doesn’t even realize thinking before issuing threats or insults is a baseline of maturity. He’s supremely unqualified for government or public service in ANY capacity, and that has nothing to do with how bad an alternative HRC is. I’m with PJ O’Rourke. Hillary might do terrible things, but at least she will do them from the perspective of an adult.

    I also don’t accept there are only two alternatives. If a majority of voters refuse to choose either of the major party candidates, there’s no mandate. So not voting is a choice. And you can write in whoever you wish was running, or a better choice than these two. Or you can vote Libertarian or Green. At some point, one or both major parties will devolve, and you can hasten the coming of that day.

    1. It seems you have made up your mind and there is no changing it. I believe that Trump and Sanders are indirectly effecting a (necessary) fracture in the 2 party system. I don’t know if you remember, but during the last election, a candidate from the Green party was arrested for trying to participate in the presidential debate.

      1. I would be all for including the Libertarian and Green party candidates, but it’s obviously not up to me. America would be a better place with three or four viable parties. I like Jill Stein’s positions very much.

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