You dirty pedophile

I recently read a comment where someone said that if you ogle a 17 year old girl, you are a pedophile. Does this count if you are 18 (in the US), or do you have to be over a certain age? When I was in my teens, the teen girls looked pretty hot, but so did the ladies in their 20’s and 30’s. Now that I am in my 30’s, did any of that change?

As a child, I reasoned that fat people would marry fat people, black people would marry black people, and the like. As I grew older, the qualification for race disappeared, as did the body type. Enter into my teens. There were pretty girls, but the best looking girls (according to me and all the guys around my age) were those who were developed the most. Did age matter to me? Well I knew I had a better chance gaining the attention of a girl who was closer to my age, but if I could work up the courage for an older girl, I would go for it! Really age did not matter, I was just looking for a better developed girl.

It is a very primal urge, that I think, no man out grows. Wives and girlfriends everywhere smack their man when he scopes out another female. Since no one comes with their age printed on their face, I don’t think it is intentional pedophilia. I think we are all “programmed” to desire young attractive people. Look at all the pop-stars and actors around ┬áthen guess how many are over 35. However, should it be an obvious child, that is just SICK!

I have daughters. This whole thing is rather distressing. I know that when they are fully matured, regardless of their age, every straight man is going to look. I do not want them wearing bikinis, especially now. There is no reason a child should look sexy–EVER! When they get older I know it will be an uphill battle, but I just want to keep them safe.


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