The New Female Thor!

With the movie industry reinventing all the old movies and running out of books to ruin, it is no surprise that the comic book industry is finally faltering. Many characters have been reinvented to make them more “palatable” in the name of diversity, but it seems like it would be a bad business deal, in light of the recent Avengers films, to make Thor a female. Now little boys are going to miss the mighty son of Odin, and girls are going to be short on eye candy. Not to mention that a female Thor will be considered a “girls toy” by boys, and girls wont be able to dress her or brush her hair.

The whole change seems like a bad idea, and not because I am a huge fan-boy of the original, but because the comic is based on Norse mythology. I know that Thor doesn’t team up with Iron Man and Hawkeye in any of the lore, but I see the Marvel comics as more like an extension of the myth. If they had any creativity, they could reinvent the Valkyrie. That would be an awesome new female character! She could be more like Red Sonja.

I really enjoyed reading those comics. Red Sonja was a female version of Conan the Barbarian, but could interact, compete, and tease him, plus had a really cool story. No making Conan a girl required. Making the Valkyrie a more prominent character can also mean expanding the world of Marvel and give Thor something he can’t have. Thor is an easily recognized name, but introducing reinventing a character to be better or equal to him, looks cooler, and has the nobility that everyone respects, is not something I guess they are going to have.


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