What happened to us?

I think TV has become too much of a family activity. Back in the day, not even that long ago, board game companies were begging us to buy their games and turn off the TV. We now have family TV/ movie night, the ability to take our “favourite shows” with us on our phones and tablets, DVRs that can record an entire years worth of TV, the ability to pause a show in one room and resume it in another, and other things to keep us watching a screen for all hours. It seems like everything is a plea keep you looking at the boob tube. Do a simple web search on TV shortening your lifespan, and you will find an unbelievable numbers of studies verifying the increase of television hours, decreases your life span. We do this as a family now.

Seeing a news report on obesity has become a “can’t see the forest for the trees” scenario. If we were outside doing something, the entire broadcast would be a mute point. Instead we feel slightly ashamed, then wait for our favorite show to come on.

It seems like we need to have a substantial reason to limit our consumption. We have laws about not having a toy in a Happy Meal, even though children don’t have jobs or money to purchase one. I don’t know of any proposed law to limit television consumption, but there is a law limiting how loud a commercial can be! I don’t think there should be a law against TV watching, just more responsibility in doing so.

I know from experience that when family and friends visit and we watch a video or a show, the amount of pent up conversation is unbelievable! It is like we all had something to say, but it had to wait until the movie was over because no one could turn it off. I think it is time to bring the board games back, and shut the idiot-box off.


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