Jottacloud looks worth it


Data storage is something that everyone seems to need now, whether they know it or not. I looked at countless sites and noted something they all share in common: they generally just mirror your current hard drive.  I needed storage for archival purposes, and it seems like Jottacloud is the winner with their “deep archive” feature for files you do not need access to on a frequent basis, and they offer a regular mirrored backup as well. Opendrive, Altdrive, and other backup systems all require you to attach your external hard disk drive (HDD) at least once a month to avoid data loss, doesn’t help much if the drive gets destroyed between then and there. I do understand that it is for the purpose of preventing abuse of inexpensive data storage, which is why most don’t allow NAS (network attached storage), for fear that you would rout up a server to their website.

Drop Box, Google Drive, and other cloud based storage, start to get pricey pretty quickly, although google is one of the cheapest. They are intended to be your NAS and it does not come free, but it does have the flexibility to share folders/ files, and have unlimited access from any networked device. I was looking for something like this, but I wasn’t willing to pay a crazy amount to store my stuff that I wanted archived. I have over 700Gigs of photos and video so far, and that is only family stuff; what am I going to have in 10 years?!?!

I found Jottacloud, a Norwegian data company. I haven’t signed up yet. I still have 500gigs of photo and video I need to transfer from a XFS file system to a Mac, but when I can get it off of the drive, it looks like my photos will be in Norway. I am not sure how I feel about that, but it is the only one with an archive option that integrates with the Finder, that I have found. They also don’t require the HDD to be connected if the files are in an archived state. When I finally commit to this, I will share my  opinions.


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