Babies make men wonder what they are missing…

My wife’s sister in-law just had a baby boy a few weeks ago. My reaction to this news was that it was great and a happy moment. We never got to see him until today, and my reaction was the same as when I first heard the news. However, my wife started to “awww” and “ohh” and get all gushy. I felt left out. Was I supposed to feel this immense and overwhelming response to this new life? I casually looked at the other people to gauge my status in this slightly confusing moment, only to notice two things: 1) Males look happy and that is about it, 2) Females look as if they are struggling to repress an uncontrollable joy, and the intensity of that joy is proportional to the amount of children they have. Women seem to go rabid for babies and I don’t get it, even after the two kids I have.

There must be some primal trigger that men just don’t have. When I see people compete, I want to know who is better, that gives me excitement and pride when one team, one fighter, or one racer, pushes the limits to achieve and conquer the opponent. That vicarious satisfaction is the reason for finding such activity entertaining. What did this baby do? It lived in a uterus, and when it popped out and started pooping on everything, the women went wild! I wish I could do that.


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